Multiplying Global and Local Impact

With a revolving loan fund on, individuals and organizations can maximize their impact in the sectors and countries of their choice.

Loan matchers can choose to match all loans on or select loans that fit specific geographic and philanthropic interests. When loans are repaid, loan matchers can re-lend those funds again and again, multiplying their impact and helping borrowers get funded twice as fast.

Benefits of loan matching

Loan matching partners who make a commitment of over $10,000 receive:

  • Tailored impact: Choose the sectors and geographies you care most about
  • Rapid response: Deploy funds efficiently to meet your chosen lending criteria
  • Maximized funds: Depending on how your contribution is structured
  • Public acknowledgement: Visibility of your loan matching publicly displayed on
  • Integrated analytics: Comprehensive data reporting
  • Tax deductibility: Depending on how your contribution is structured

How it Works


Set your criteria

When you set up a matching account with Kiva, you define where you want the dollars to go – the countries, sectors and causes that are most important to you.


Badge appears on
supported loans

As Kiva lenders browse through fundraising loans, they’ll see a x2 badge with your display name on borrower profiles that fit your criteria.


Loans are

When lenders support a qualifying borrower, a loan for the same dollar amount will also be made from your matching account as long as funds last.

Speak to a member of our team to see how we can tailor programs to your needs.

Partner Spotlight

Local Initiatives
Support Corporation

Through a national partnership with Kiva, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) sponsors a one-to-one matching fund that helps business owners reach their crowdfunded loan goal on Kiva’s platform. Borrowers must work with a LISC Trustee to qualify for the matching funds. As of 2020, LISC has funded ~300 borrowers through ~$750,000 in loans.


Grameen Foundation, as part of the Women and Girls Empowered (WAGE) Consortium, has partnered with Kiva to provide micro-loans to women entrepreneurs through a loan matching fund. The fund will empower nearly 10,000 women entrepreneurs associated with three socially-focused microfinance institutions in El Salvador and Honduras. Along with the fund, the WAGE Consortium is addressing broad issues of financial inclusion, gender-based violence, and the laws and policies that impact women’s economic empowerment.

Bank of America

Bank of America partners with Kiva to match loans to women entrepreneurs around the world. Bank of America’s support of Kiva is part of the company’s broader efforts to advance women’s economic empowerment and reflects its commitment to being a diverse and inclusive company. Through participating in Kiva initiatives such as International Women’s Day Matching Campaign, Bank of America has helped catalyze almost $600,000 in fully funded loans to women.