Gifts and

Contribute to Accelerating
Global Financial Inclusion

Gifts and grants accelerate Kiva’s ability to invest in the lives of the 1.7 billion adults without financial access and the economic power to improve their lives.

With a partnership rooted in financial support, we can together accelerate the strategies and programs that are part of Kiva’s sustainable model of economic development.

Invest in our Strategies and Focus Areas

Kiva provides access to capital that helps underserved women and men invest in their businesses and families and become more resilient to unexpected economic shocks.

Gift and grant partnerships help us invest in the lives of the most vulnerable and in strategies that can build a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives.


More than 80% of Kiva loans go to women, providing a pipeline of capital to empower women globally. Kiva loans and greater access to capital enable women to start new businesses, grow existing businesses, and invest in education for themselves and their children. Investing in women’s economic empowerment is vital for economic development in communities, countries, and regions.

Kiva is scaling investment in gender-smart investing, the next step in building pathways to prosperity for women.

Kiva Capital

Unlocking scalable investment in financial inclusion by bridging Kiva’s local lending partner ecosystem with impact-first investors.


Since 2016, Kiva has lent more than $18 million to more than 17,000 refugees. Building economic opportunity is an essential step beyond humanitarian aid to ensure economic empowerment and longer-term stability for refugee communities across the globe.

Kiva is demonstrating the viability of refugee lending, scaling institutional investment, and harnessing technology to help build critical credit histories for refugees.

Kiva Labs

Building, testing, and launching new approaches to deepen financial inclusion through technology, research, innovation, and measurement.

Small-Holder Farmers

More than 1 in 4 loans that Kiva finances goes to helping a borrower in the agriculture sector. By investing in evidence-based approaches to smallholder financing, we are ensuring financial services are designed for their unique needs and that these farmers can improve the livelihoods of their families and communities.

Kiva Protocol

Kiva is building ultra-low-cost, secure, open source technology to enable secure identity verification and data exchange at population-level scale. Kiva Protocol provides infrastructure to support financial inclusion by design.


Investing in Kiva ensures we are able to continue to provide access to capital that helps empower people across the globe. Accelerating Kiva is an investment in the evolution of our strategies and in continued innovation for financial inclusion.

Partner Spotlight


Cisco and Kiva have joined teams for the last ten years providing $1.5 million in donations to Kiva’s operating funds. With these grants, Kiva was able to create a new program for American entrepreneurs to flourish in cities across the country. With Cisco’s help, Kiva lenders have provided nearly 20,000 US entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch their businesses within their home communities.

Mastercard Foundation

In 2016, Kiva announced a five-year, $7.9 million partnership with the MasterCard Foundation to test and scale services and loan products tailored to the unique needs of smallholder farmers and rural populations in sub-Saharan Africa. The grant has enabled Kiva Labs to introduce or scale financial product/service innovations among selected social enterprises and microfinance institutions serving smallholder farmers and rural populations.


As Kiva pushed new boundaries in 2017 by opening its lending platform to the globally displaced, USA for UNHCR allowed Kiva to prove to microfinance institutions around the world that refugees are valuable contributors to all societies. With USA for UNHCR’s partnership, Kiva has been able to connect over 3,400 lenders and refugee borrowers globally.


Rippleworks accelerated Kiva’s bold, ambitious efforts to build breakthrough solutions for the underserved globally with $5M in funding. Kiva Protocol is a breakthrough solution to create digital identities, gather and store an individual’s transactional information, and create a credit history – which helps dramatically increase access to capital at reduced costs for the underserved.

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