Kiva Capital

Unlocking scalable impact investments for financial inclusion

Reliable, scalable, impact-first capital is frequently unavailable for financial institutions and social enterprises working with underserved communities.

Kiva Capital serves as the bridge linking return-seeking, impact-first capital with impact and growth opportunities from Kiva’s unique global lending network of microfinance institutions, social enterprises and small and growing businesses.

For investors who prioritize impact, Kiva Capital represents an opportunity to catalyze financial access for underserved populations, backed by industry-leading transparency and experience lending nearly $1.5 billion on the crowdfunding platform.

Kiva Capital builds on the established relationships we have with development finance organizations and private commercial investors, including multilateral organizations, private and corporate foundations, as well as leading individual and institutional impact investors. With Kiva Capital, we are also focused on exploring opportunities to bring impact investment opportunities to retail investors to mobilize greater capital flows and scale financial inclusion.*

Kiva Capital
Themed Funds

With Kiva Capital we are launching themed funds to catalyze financial access across key populations. Our first fund is designed to accelerate and scale lending to refugees, forcibly displaced persons, and impacted host communities. Our goal is to serve 200,000 borrowers while targeting impact-first returns for investors.

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“As the impact investing field evolves, we can’t lose sight
of innovation. The emerging managers we selected have developed strategies in new sectors and geographies, are often led by women and people of color, and add new depth to the impact investment universe.”

Julia W. Sze, CFA, Julia W. SZE Consulting,
IA 50 2020 Review Committee Member

*DISCLAIMER: Currently Kiva Capital funds are available to Qualified Purchasers only. If you are a Qualified Purchaser please enter your contact information for a more detailed description of the fund(s).